Why shop Consignment?

Clothing industry second dirtiest polluter

Consignment clothing buys are a clear choice for all consumers for many reasons.  The clothing industry is second only to oil as the dirtiest polluter in the world.  Pesticides used in cotton farming, toxic dyes in manufacturing, and the huge amount of waste in discarded clothing from fast fashion creates challenges for long term sustainability for our planet.  In addition, natural resources are used in production from extraction, farming, harvesting, processing, manufacturing and shipping. Water as a natural resource, is used substantially to produce clothing…almost 5000 gallons for one t-shirt and one pair of jeans.  Synthetics, or man-made materials, don’t use as much water but they have issues with manufacturing pollution and sustainability.  Polyester and nylon are unsustainable as they are made from petro chemicals.

Fast Fashion churns out low quality clothing

Fast fashion, like fast food, churns out clothing from retailers like H&M and Zara, as a cheap alternative to high fashion designers and is otherwise known as “slow” fashion.  H&M states “New stuff coming in each and every day. So why not do the same?”  The poor quality of the clothes does not allow them to last more than a few washes and its tossed for next weeks style, filling our landfills.

Alternatives to shop with sustainability

So what alternatives do we have?  There are a few options open to all of us….

  • Stop buying fast fashion. How often are you throwing out pieces because they “fell apart” or lost their shape?  Check these labels and avoid these stores.
  • Buy slow fashion – higher designer clothes that offer a quality that can survive more than just a few washes. These are stores  and designers that stick to a two season mandate, spring/summer and fall/winter, rather than 15-20 seasons and new things in daily.
  • Watch where your pieces are made and steer away from production in China, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Pakistan and the Philippines. These countries have the “cheapest labor costs” and will be busier in apparel production as China’s costs rise.
  • Be aware of what fabrics are being used in the pieces you buy. Watch for more organic fabrics like cotton, wool, cashmere and stay away from polyester and nylon.
  • Shop Calgary consignment and thrift stores that will allow you to pick quality second hand clothing at an affordable price and choose only to buy slow fashion pieces to add to your closet.

At Wilder’s Consignment House we specialize in creating the perfect pre-loved outfit for every occasion and season. We do not accept fast fashion pieces in our store.  We are committed to helping you find every day classics and unique styles and combining them to create the perfect look specifically for you. Come discover your perfect treasure today by stopping by Wilder’s Consignment House.


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